Choosing where to Worship

 I’ve been asked if we are going to find another church for this year. No, we have no intention of finding ‘another church’. Just one would never do. We intend to flit here and there and keep going until our year away has ended or something from very deep within me cries out “For God’s sake, stop this madness.”

Here’s how we’re deciding where to go to worship. For the passed year as Richard and I would drive throughout the area, we would pass a church and I’d say “That’s a beautiful church, maybe we should go there?” This, of course, makes total sense to me. When we travel you can bet that we tour ‘beautiful churches’ so why not visit those in our own backyard? The denomination doesn’t matter as much as that an attractive, attention-grabbing house of worship and an innate curiosity as to what might be inside.  

Mosque Cathedral, Cordoba Spain

The week after Richard’s last service, I Googled: “Denver beautiful churches” and voilà a list of churches appeared. Then as a nod to my background as a history/museum person I Googled: “Denver historic churches” and got some more churches to add to my list. Two weeks ago, Richard mentioned that it might be interesting to visit some of the ‘mega churches’. Hey, I’m game for that too. Google provided more fodder for our feasting list. The list continues to grow as we add those that we hear about that just might be interesting – different denominations, faiths, from different parts of the world, you name it, we’re in this for a spiritual experience.

Recently, we had dinner at some friends and I shared about how we were going about trying to find places to worship. I commented that “we may even go a few places that stretch our comfort zone.” Richard quickly replied with a bit of dramatic angst (imagine that?), but in all seriousness, “Oh no, I am NOT going to stretch my comfort zone.”  

Hmm…it should be a very interesting year indeed.


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Richard is the photographer, typically. Lisa is the writer, typically. We've both been know to that allowed?
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