Lisa’s Bible

I love my Sunday School class, we are the Friends in Faith, we are. Knowing that I was not going to be able to be in the loving comfort and encouraging presence of these friends was one of the hardest parts about leaving our church family for this year. As the time to leave approached, I wanted to give them something that showed how much they mean to me.

God has a funny way of making us let go as He reminded me of something. Richard and I were once at a conference where I attended a small group session where we were asked to give away something of importance to us. Reluctantly, I gave the lady who was paired with me the colorful pens which I used to take notes. One lady cried as she joyfully gave her Bible to another lady. Her Bible! I was amazed! How can one give away their Bible? That’s where I keep my notes, my insights; it’s where I highlight favorite scriptures and the truths that I come to realize. Could I ever give away my Bible; I think not! So God reminded me.

Now, there are many Bibles in our home and a few are favorites, but there is one for me that is THE favorite. It is the one I took the time to read every word, slowly, with meaning. It contains my frustrations, truths and revelations. It is the one that I decided to highlight every time God spoke. (Yes, I know the whole Bible is the Word of God, but you know those Bibles where when Jesus speaks it is in red, well, I wanted a Bible that where God “spoke” it was highlighted, so that what I did to this favorite Bible of mine, I highlighted when God “spoke”. Trust me, this was a major undertaking!)  It was always the first Bible for which I reached…and I gave it away.

I’d be lying if I told you that I don’t miss that Bible, because I do.

However, last week I saw a dear friend at the coffee shop, she is a Friends in Faith class member and she shared with me that she was disappointed that she got the class late and someone else had already got “Lisa’s Bible”. Paige, you made giving up my Bible all worth it when you said: “It’s like a love letter you left for us.”

It is and I do love you.


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Richard is the photographer, typically. Lisa is the writer, typically. We've both been know to that allowed?
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