At least one person had to have prayed for us because last Sunday I found myself humming “This is the Day” instead of “Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying”; both beautiful songs to contemplate on the way to church, but with totally different approaches to worship. Somehow on the way to church I wasn’t so pitifully desperate, but joyful and really happy to be going to church; which is the way we should approach worship service. So, whoever out there said a prayer for us, thank you, we are lives that were blessed.

Mom, 1949

Sunday, November 4th, many churches today would celebrate “All Saints Day”, and the church we attended was no different. The service was packed full of meaning, purpose and touched our hearts. It was absolutely beautiful in the traditions this church family has embraced, from singing “Holy, Holy, Holy” as a cross was solemnly brought in bedecked with ribbons with bells chiming the presence of the Saints, through the ceremony of reading recently departed loved-ones and lighting candles surrounding the altar, continuing with meaningful words of remembrance in the Message and Communion, and finally with the opportunity for each of us to light a candle for our own loved ones who have gone on to glory. (Mom, I love and miss you dearly.)  

 Remembrance is the act of remembering those who have touched our lives in some way, whether near or far, those here or those who have gone one to other places. As I reflect on the meaning of remembrance: “a retained mental impression”, I wonder how I can use this to help strengthen my personal relationship with God. I like to think of God not only putting an “impression” on me, but more of Him “embossing” me, like one of those fancy gold seals used for official documents. I also like to think that God doesn’t just put an impression on me mentally, but places His impression on my heart and soul. With an all-encompassing assurance like that, I feel equipped to go forth into the world.


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