The Essence of Our Being

The photographs were taken by Richard when we were in Israel with our merry group of fellow travelers in 2011. The first one is of a tired priest at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. The second is a nun lighting dedication candles at the Church near the site of the Sermon on the Mount by the Sea of Galilee.Church Leader Bethlehem

   A special re-gifting to a few friends who have been missing this prayer:  “May the Holy Spirit move through this Congregation; from front to rear, from side to side; may it swirl around us and move into the essence of our being.” …Amen.
Reverend Richard J. Hendry
   I’ve been on a ‘crazy lady cleaning bender’ for the passed few weeks. It’s rather disturbing yet fulfilling at the same time. This weekend it was ‘my’ office; not ‘our’ office any more, I’ve staked my claim into this little corner of our world and am making it my own. It is amazing how many things on to which I can hold. Does anyone else still have their College Harbrace grammar handbook? (Yes, I still use it, I know I can Google, but Harbrace is like an old friend that says “Oh, befuddled Little One I am here to help you.”)
   Items that once dwelt in the office are now in piles awaiting good homes, like stray kittens. Good homes such as: Goodwill, recycle, Richard’s office, work friends, shred, and trash. In one, now empty file, I found a lot of wisdom on a little piece of paper. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t write this; I don’t remember from who or where it came. However, it is worthy to be passed along anyway. It is entitled “Directions for the Overwhelmed.” Aug 29, 2010
Israel Nun Lighting CandlesDirections for the Overwhelmed
1. Sit down
   • Calm down, relax, breathe
   • Listen, be quiet, be still
   • Focus on the task or the issue at hand
   Note: the longer you carry a burden, the heavier it becomes.
2. Acknowledge that God has a plan
3. Make a beginning, start somewhere
   • Prepare for the possibilities
   • Inventory what resources you have now
   • Do NOT over analyze or you may paralyze
   • Get moving
4. Gather up the ‘leftovers’ for the next time
   • Don’t waste experiences, people, blessings
   So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, please refer to the first part of this writing and allow the Holy Spirit to swirl and move in to the essence of your being.


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