Cartwheels from the Eastern Europe trip

Bucharest, Romania Parliament Terrace

Bucharest, Romania Parliament Terrace 

Bucharest, Romania
Always the ‘ta-dah’ Bucharest, Romania

While in Bucharest we heard stories of how Ceausescu was an evil, idiotic, cruel dictator. He would give his speeches promoting hatred from the Parliament Terrace. (Which, by-the-way is also where Michael Jackson once stood and famously said “I love Budapest!” Oops.)

So, while here, I decided it was a good place for a cartwheel. It definitely fits into category #2. Someplace where you really shouldn’t.

It took several attempts to get one that wasn’t embarrassing. Once done, the guide said “I saw what you did. I don’t think I would have the nerve to do that.” I’m not for sure if she meant I was being too disrespectful or if she was till too oppressed by the ghosts who haunt this balcony.



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