Losing Time in Monet’s Gardens

Thank you, monsieur Claude Monet for imagining and leaving such a stunningly beautiful IMG_1066and peaceful place, by doing so, you have created a little bit of paradise. How can one possibly capture what you saw with your art infused mind’s eye?

The colors are vibrant, the pond is stillness as a longing soul. The birds chirp and twitter and playfully entice to a life anew.

I wish I could describe all the colors, but there are more than on a color wheel, how would one name all the colors here? Oh, it would be fun! Why, there’s Easter dress pink, fighting bright fuchsia, reflecting sunlight white, hidden cove burgundy, Grandma’s blue eyes, Monet’s kitchen yellow…

IMG_1092I’m momentarily distracted by a frog that skims and scampers from one lily frond to another.

…midnight starlight purple, red feathers as dusk, honest autumn sunset…
I stand still to watch a lily pond, the water sends messages through ripples, reflections create images one cannot quite see, but stealthily one is drawn in towards the mysterious beyond the surface — careful, don’t fall in! Flowers reach up for nourishing sun, for air, for life. A IMG_1086fish jumps creating ripples that chatter news to other life in the pond. Drawing my attention to the leaves of a drooping tree that looks like a young boy’s tousled hair.

Monsieur Monet what did you feel here? Oh, we know what you painted and we see what you planted, but what did you feel? Can we feel it too? Can I feel it too?
Lost in time, one can lose time and feel in Monsieur Monet’s garden.


About richardandlisa

Richard is the photographer, typically. Lisa is the writer, typically. We've both been know to cross-genre...is that allowed?
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1 Response to Losing Time in Monet’s Gardens

  1. Terry says:

    You captured it beautifully in both words and photos! Thanks for bringing back all the fond memories.

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