The Angel of Hope – correction

Dear friends,
You know that Angel of Hope that inspired me to write our Christmas message this year that we sent you earlier this week? Well, this morning he woke me up to tell me that I didn’t have it right.

I wrote, “As Hope, I do not often shout; I am a whisper in your soul…” And he took exception to that and wants me to correct it. I was awaken this morning with the Angel of Hope dressed as a warrior, he was in the distance, but was definitely towering over me . Stern, yet loving, he commanded my attention and gave me this understanding: often times Hope must swoop in with God-inspired righteous indignation; ready to do battle against unfathomable foes. That sometimes, it has nothing to do with whispers and everything to do with battle cries. That if we want things to change we need to be inflamed with passion; and sometimes we have to be braver than we know how to be and ready to stand against the odds, even if we stand alone.

That’s what the Angel of Hope shared with me before the sun rose today and has been nagging me all day to make it right with all of you.

Go forward, boldly, with Hope,


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Richard is the photographer, typically. Lisa is the writer, typically. We've both been know to that allowed?
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