October & Coffee

It’s really just a silly little story… IMG_0252It always happens this time of year. One minute I’m here and the next I’m gone. Help me, I’m falling again.  (On bottom of cup: “Just leaving.” : )

Oct 9, 2015 ~ Starbucks @ The Vistas, Park Meadows)


It’s really just a silly little story…“Now, tell me again,” she said, “Why do we come here?” “Well,” he replied, “it’s not for the coffee because we think the coffee is too strong and bitter.” “That’s true, so…why are we here?” She asked. “Well,” he said, “I want to see what color Jule’s hair is today.” Works for me, too bad she isn’t here. “I hear it’s blue, bright blue. Perfect for a bright and beautiful young lady. Strong and bright, not in the least bit bitter.” She said. “That’s why we come here,” he said. What other reason might we need? None, that I can think.

Oct 12, 2015 ~ Starbucks at the Barnes & Noble, Littleton.


About richardandlisa

Richard is the photographer, typically. Lisa is the writer, typically. We've both been know to cross-genre...is that allowed?
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1 Response to October & Coffee

  1. Carl says:

    I love this Starbucks – okay, I love all Starbucks and would be a wealthier man if I did not have an addiction to cars and Starbucks. I hold court there most mornings loosely between 7:30 – 8::30. I do enjoy your stories.

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