On being a superhero: it was all fun and games…

…until somebody ended up in the Emergency Room.

Saturday, September 23, 2017 will always be a memorable day.  My sister Tracy married Carlos Lising and it was our Dad’s 90th birthday. We were all together to celebrate in Tracy’s & Carlos’ village of Fairport Harbor, Ohio. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day. Daddy, Steve and Cindy, Ali and I shared breakfast around the simple hewn dining room table in the harbor house that we shared. Then Cindy, Ali and I took a walk past the lighthouse along the bay-side beach. 

Cindy and I were on duty to greet guests at the lighthouse from 11 to 1. A quick change of clothes then to the Hildegarden center where the wedding ceremony took place. Cindy and I had worked together to fine-tune what we were saying for our part in the ceremony. (With the Higbee girls, of course, it was a production.)

We shared about Tracy in ways that helped others understand our sister. It was fun and meaningful. As we stood there I felt the threads of the stories of our lives intertwining, separate, yet stronger as the colorful words weave us together.

Carlos and Tracy’s service honored their individual strengths and as two people firmly committed to each other. Everyone in the two families had a part and a celebration of Daddy was included. The festivities continued with delicious food – Wes’ pulled pork, assorted side dishes, and Tracy made the wedding cakes – five in total – a family favorite, chocolate cake with caramel icing. 

Perfect for Tracy, she wore a beautiful blue dress completed with sparkly Wonder Woman shoes, which I not so secretly coveted.

Their neighbor, Jerry issued an impromptu invitation for everyone to come to his house for an after-party party. It was a easy-going evening, family and friends visiting. There had been more kids earlier, but I noticed that my grand-niece, Charlie was playing by herself. Her Daddy, AJ and uncles Casey and Rhett spent time with her, but I took it upon myself to become Charlie’s unofficial playmate. 

Charlie on a tricycle and me on a kick-scooter. We went back and forth along the driveway singing and playing — and flying. I was wearing a bright multi-colored tied-dye scarf that billowed like a butterfly flitting along freely. Scooting along with Charlie was so much fun…until it wasn’t.

Honestly, I don’t even know what happened, one moment I’m a butterfly superhero; the next moment I’m face down between the driveway and the street.

AJ was the first to respond, he kicked in to his Marine emergency training mode and was calm and confident.  “Aunt Lisa, are you okay.”  “Yes.” I murmur, then “No, I’m not. I’ve broken my teeth.”

I put on my best ‘I am brave’ persona. Soon ice and towels appeared to stop the bleeding. It was decided that a trip to the Emergency Room was in order. Rhett and Alyssa offered to take me, but I needed Cindy by my side. When in the car with Cindy and Ali, Cindy said, “It’s okay to cry now.” And I did. 

Since then, I have had root canals for three badly broken teeth and part of my gum removed for one of the permanent crowns. The bruises have all but disappeared. We keep saying, ‘it’s all repairable’ and ‘could have been much worse’. Which is true.

Accidents are just that, accidents, but I felt stupid and shaky. Stupid has subsided, but shaky — that persists. When I was flying along on the scooter, playing with Charlie, I felt lighthearted and joyfully full of life. That was then…now I’m shaky. That’s understandable, right? I’ve been hurt; not to mention that this accident cost a two-week trip to Europe for both of us. So, the thought of facing whatever that next ‘scooter’ might be makes me wonder what I’ll do — or not. 

Part of me cautions: ‘play it safe’. But another part of me hopes that when the time is right, I get back on and enjoy all the ride has to offer.


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Richard is the photographer, typically. Lisa is the writer, typically. We've both been know to cross-genre...is that allowed?
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