Sometimes music…

While in church yesterday, I wrote this about the Choir’s Anthem, ” I Heard Him Once”.

Sometimes music transports me
and I find myself in a place of serene worship;
and I am  grounded by the beauty.

Sometimes music transforms me
and I find myself in the presence of God;
and I am humbled, and yet…emboldened.

Dr. David Kates, our church’s Director of Music and Fine Arts, shared the poetry for this hymn with me. It was written by John Thornburg who is a fourth generation United Methodist pastor, song enlivener, poet and professional encourager in the Dallas area.

I heard him once, the risen Christ,
and as he did so long ago,
to those who walked beside the sea,
he turned and said, “Come follow me. Come follow me.”

“But who am I?” I whispered back,
and as he did so long ago,
to those who sat upon a hill,
he turned and said, “You are the light. You are the light!”

I froze, unable to respond,
and as he did so long ago,
to one who sat beside a pool, he turned and said,
“Is healing what you want?”

And then,confronted by the One
who knew my name and sensed my aimlessness,
I drew a fitful breath, and then I said,
“Yes, Lord, make me whole, and I will come and follow you.”


I often find myself in another place of worship with the choir’s music. Today, I was in a quiet alcove in St. Stephen’s Basilica on the Pest side of Budapest. In my mind, although the church was crowded — because of the magic of the choir’s music — all the people were merely ghosts. God and I were real…and He stood waiting until I was ready.


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