The last time at Notre Dame…

Yesterday, Notre Dame was aflame and it breaks my heart. In July 2014, Richard and I were with our traveling group in Paris. Here are my reflections from that visit.


“Part of our experience is to take a short boat ride, which was a pretty incredible way to approach Notre Dame.

IMG_0953With a slow approach, we have time to view more of the exterior details. We’ve visited Notre Dame before, but didn’t notice the Saints climbing and protecting the roofline.

It is Sunday and actually I feel quite blessed to  be with all the people who are here. We enter during a worship service, we quietly find a  seat and remain and worship. The service is in French (of course), but it is not hard to be in the moment. The IMG_0957last time we  were here I told Richard that I didn’t remember being inside Notre Dame, there is no doubt that I will remember it this time.

As the service ends, one of the attendants leaves with the incense censure, I whisper “Richard, look, it’s the Holy Spirit.””IMG_0962


May the Saints and the Holy Spirit be once again with Notre Dame. 



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Richard is the photographer, typically. Lisa is the writer, typically. We've both been know to that allowed?
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