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Richard is the photographer, typically. Lisa is the writer, typically. We've both been know to that allowed?

Bayou Mossians

Not long ago or far away but now and nearby there exists a commune of sorts. For centuries the bayous have described themselves. Sometimes rocky, sometimes boggy, sometimes the name on the map has nothing to do with the nature … Continue reading

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A Little “S1” Side Story

Recently I have spent HOURS over DAYS trying to get my Mac and Windows 10 to play nicely together, which isn’t going to happen, and now both have been sent to their respective rooms. Although, frustrated with the situation, I … Continue reading

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Ruler of a New World Order

Typically, Richard does not sleep on airplanes so when we have long flights he takes an Ambien sleeping pill. Coming back from Vietnam & Cambodia we had an overnight in Hong Kong before flying to San Fransisco then Denver. He … Continue reading

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She hesitated before entering the second bathroom stall. As a methodical and somewhat frivolous person she typically used the third stall as she is the third child in her family and when entering strange public restrooms knowing this in advance … Continue reading

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October & Coffee

It’s really just a silly little story… It always happens this time of year. One minute I’m here and the next I’m gone. Help me, I’m falling again.  (On bottom of cup: “Just leaving.” : ) Oct 9, 2015 ~ Starbucks … Continue reading

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on priorities and au pairs

She was organizing the to-dos for the day, when she asked, “Is there anything that you need to get today?” He, with eagerness that assumes the answer will be ‘yes’, said, “An au pair!” She, with a schoolmarm attitude looks … Continue reading

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Blue Moon Ramblings

Friday, July 31, 2015 is the second full moon in a month, ergo, a blue moon. And it seemed like something which deserved a ‘sense of occasion’ to me. The last blue moon was August 31, 2012, the next one … Continue reading

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Touched by Art

A few times in my life I’ve been moved to tears by a painting. It may seem silly to some, but Art touches me. Today Richard and I went to “IN BLOOM” at the Denver Art Museum.  While having lunch … Continue reading

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A Word to Face: Cancer

Prostate Cancer Without doubt, the one word which no one wants to hear and which touches all of us in the deepest part of our being, is the word: cancer.  Suddenly, this dreaded affliction which has affected the lives of … Continue reading

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Faces of the Mekong

In September 2014, Richard and I traveled to Vietnam and Cambodia. He has always been good at capturing people along the way.  These photographs will be part of the Arts Festival at Littleton United Methodist Church April 17-19, 2015. “Xin … Continue reading

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