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Rules for when and where cartwheels are done:
#1. Cartwheels may be done purely as an expression of joy.
#2. Cartwheels may be done only because it is someplace where a cartwheel should not be done.
#3. Not all cartwheels are pretty, but they are cartwheels none-the-less.

San Jose Mission, San Antonio

It brings me joy that I’m still able to do cartwheels! March 2019 (60 years old – Yay, me!)

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Cartwheels from the Eastern Europe trip

While in Bucharest we heard stories of how Ceausescu was an evil, idiotic, cruel dictator. He would give his speeches promoting hatred from the Parliament Terrace. (Which, by-the-way is also where Michael Jackson once stood and famously said “I love … Continue reading

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