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church/CHərCH/ noun: A building for public Christian worship.
tour•ist \ˈtu̇r-ist\ noun: one that makes a tour for pleasure or culture.

I think that will define this next year pretty well – we are visiting for pleasure or culture different places of worship over this next year. From July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013 we are not allowed to attend our church home. I often refer to it as our year of exile…and our year of opportunity. Although, we feel this separation on many levels, we also want to embrace this as a year of growth and renewal.

The Calling

July 8, 2012. We are having a simple lunch when the conversation lags and I ask Richard: “So, honey, how are you doing?”  “Not too well.” I can only understand through empathy, and that is not much help. This is … Continue reading

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3. Trinity United Methodist Church

Denver, Colorado. July 8, 2012 I remember the first time Richard took me to see Trinity, the downtown ‘tall steeple’, Methodist church. Maybe by that introduction my expectations were built too high. Maybe because it was a weekday and we … Continue reading


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2. The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, Santa Fe

Sunday, July 1, 5:15pm We (I) decided that we should also attend services at the Cathedral Church, there was a 5:15pm service so we would have time to see the Sacred Arts exhibit at the Museum before going to church again. When … Continue reading

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1. St. John’s United Methodist Church, Santa Fe

Sunday, July 1st .  A few impressions. In the Opening Prayer,  the minister Reverend Greg Kennedy, prays: “Oh God, you are with us in silence and mystery…” There was a guest singer from the Santa Fe Opera, Zachary Nelson. His voice … Continue reading

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First Sunday On Our Own

It is odd. To sleep in, to be here and not there, to have no scheduled commitment or expectations. It is odd. We can definitely feel it – we are no longer bound to our church. We know that we’ll … Continue reading

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