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Message on a cup: Meaning?

In the 5th century BC Plato said, in Greek of course, “Man: A being in search of meaning.” And you…what does this mean? For what do you search? Meaning? After all, what is meaning? Yours, mine, ours? Yeah, I know, … Continue reading

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Legacy of the Little Note

The Power of a Hand-Written Note Each of us seeks to find meaning in life, to know somehow we have made a difference. While some seek to leave a legacy that can be measured, others’ legacies have no materialistic worth. … Continue reading

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(Recently I’ve been typing the journals I kept during the 10-week sabbatical that Richard and I took in 2008. In the back of Journal 2 I found this story that I wrote. It has nothing to do with the sabbatical, … Continue reading

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A Word to Face: Cancer

Prostate Cancer Without doubt, the one word which no one wants to hear and which touches all of us in the deepest part of our being, is the word: cancer.  Suddenly, this dreaded affliction which has affected the lives of … Continue reading

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The Killing Fields, Cambodia

by Richard Hendry September 9, 2014 I’m not sure what I expected when we visited the Killing Fields. The night before on board our river cruise ship, the Viking Mekong, we watched the 1984 movie of the same name. I … Continue reading

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Cartwheels from Group Tours

                          OK, to do cartwheel at Quram, in a dress might be questionable.                 Probably shouldn’t be doing cartwheels in Red … Continue reading

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About Writing – Excuses #2

A friend sent the following – “The exercise is to write a horror story in two sentences.” Here’s mine, writer scary: Pen in hand, staring at the blank page, overwhelmed by thoughts begging to burst forth only to be fettered … Continue reading

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