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Hello world!

I am all the time learning new truths about myself, as this happens, with time the old fades away and I find myself wondering about what once was and the amalgamation of the person which I have now evolved into being. But I ponder, if I – if we – lose or forget from whence we came, who are we? Maybe life is a wisp. With no children to tell my stories, no autobiographies, no great deeds, no saved lives… I am a very ordinary person, with maybe a tale or two to tell that can touch a life, bring forth a honest laugh or tear, make a difference, if only to me.

17 Responses to Home

  1. Terry Ostetmiller says:

    Hi Lisa and Richard,
    Sorry for the belated reply, but Charlie came for Gram Camp last Thursday and we’ve been on the move ever since- whew!! We’ve been jumping on all the trampolines at Jump Street, but I needed a breather (imagine that). So as I sit, I finally have the chance to answer emails.
    The Picture This Write That is new and interesting! How do I get to your travel e- journey (blog) and the photos?

  2. Kathy Ayers says:

    Lisa, congratulations on this site. Having been in the free-write group and another writing class wtih you, I can attest to the quality of both your character and writing abillity. This blog will be a great pleasure for your readers!

  3. Marg & Jack Conn says:

    Hi Lisa & Richard. Greetings from the Alsace. How nice that we will be able to follow you on your “year’s journey”. I was afraid we would lose touch so am very happy you have decided to do this blog, I have spent the last minutes reading everything. Continue – and we look forward to seeing you in October when you get back from your trip.

  4. cooper60 says:

    Lisa and Richard,
    So good to here from you. I look firward to following your Blog.
    Love and miss you both,
    Peggy Cooper

  5. Pat Estes says:

    Lisa and Richard, I had mixed feelings as I read this bog. It is so beautifully written that I am jealous of Lisa’s ability to put feelings on paper. I also feel empathy for your displacement and state of isolation. If it were forever, you would probably handle it differently. But you are looking at this as temporary,and that is making it harder for you. All I know for sure is that keeping busy is always a good way to have time fly by. I am hoping that you will find a way to “endure” for the “time of exile”. Pat

    • Pat, slowly, surely we are working though this. Change is never easy, and I don’t believe it should be for times in our lives that are so important to who we are. There are joys and moment of significance yet to be!

  6. Linda Wilson says:

    What a brave, new world…this Blogosphere. I miss you both everyday but appreciate this creative avenue to stay connected through your “year of opportunity.” Your words and photos will hold your friends close, teach and inspire, as we pray for exciting new directions and beginnings. God be with you.

  7. Kimberly Guynn says:

    Dear Lisa and Richard..missing you. After ten day trip to PA, catching up. Larry in Arkansas AGAIN..all is well there. Took Ken to “barber shop” yesterday; Lew Root was waiting for his turn in the chair. Danny mentioned that Richard called..geez Richard, I thought you went to a “Salon” like Larry; didn’t realize “barber shop” still exists. What a beautifully written card to the class; of course Lisa is mentioned every week, as we share your bible. You must miss your wonderfully colorful marked-up version. Only babysitting it for awhile..you must have it back. Love you lots.

    • Jerry Derr says:

      OK, now I get it. I’m supposed to respond here, not just reply to the email you sent telling us the link to the blog. I’ll try to do better next time.

  8. Bill and I miss both of you so much, just isn’t the same. I so miss my children stories on Sunday mornings Richard. Hope you are having a fun filled summer and we look forward to seeing you both again.

  9. Perry and Pam Nissler says:

    Is there a ghost writer lurking within? I sent you a response, only to find out that my comment “is awaiting moderation.” What’s that all about? While we love LUMC, I think it would be interesting to join you some Sunday and go to another church just to see what’s happening on the other side of the street. I want to go to the church that turns on the smoke generators when the choir comes on stage. Yeah, there really is one! By the way, did we tell you that we missed you?

  10. friend says:

    Love getting your blogs. Keep them comkng. Love you both and miss you!
    Hazel Kinzer

  11. Your moms love your writings and you. Thanks for sharing your unique self with the universe, as all benefit from your lofty thoughts.

    In Loveness and Gratitude,


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