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Cartwheels from Group Tours

                          OK, to do cartwheel at Quram, in a dress might be questionable.                 Probably shouldn’t be doing cartwheels in Red … Continue reading

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Cartwheels from the Eastern Europe trip

While in Bucharest we heard stories of how Ceausescu was an evil, idiotic, cruel dictator. He would give his speeches promoting hatred from the Parliament Terrace. (Which, by-the-way is also where Michael Jackson once stood and famously said “I love … Continue reading

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Still Life Through a Window in Bucharest

The grey – left from the sodden drizzle, left from the ebb of withdrawn life, left from a repressed and oppressed people – the grey now frames the empty window. The last time I looked there was an old man … Continue reading

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Historical Insight from Budapest to Bucharest

An overview that would make my history professors cringe And God said (sort of), “If this is what they begun to do, then we need to go down and confuse them…” First there were dinosaurs which at some point evolved … Continue reading

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Sanctuary Moments: Focus on the Flame

When we travel, Richard and I are drawn to places of worship where we spend moments that matter. Often, I write about these experiences and will have several to share from our recent trip to Eastern Europe.  St. Stephen’s Basilica, … Continue reading

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Somebody’s Grandma

Kalocsa, Hungary. Group Tour. May 2013    A Hungarian old woman walked by. We saw her approach outside of the Paprika Museum. Some in our group take notice of her; a few photographs were taken, but not some much as … Continue reading

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About Writing – Excuses #2

A friend sent the following – “The exercise is to write a horror story in two sentences.” Here’s mine, writer scary: Pen in hand, staring at the blank page, overwhelmed by thoughts begging to burst forth only to be fettered … Continue reading

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About Writing: Excuses #1

   A few people have asked me if I’m writing, because they are not seeing much on the blog on a regular basis. I have excuses, but they are weak, like work and home and life. I also have baggage, … Continue reading

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