First Sunday On Our Own

It is odd. To sleep in, to be here and not there, to have no scheduled commitment or expectations. It is odd. We can definitely feel it – we are no longer bound to our church. We know that we’ll get used to it, with time, but for now…it is odd.

A little bit like when one tries to walk on land after being on ship on water for a while. Once on land one’s equilibrium is off, movements are unsteady as the sensation of the motion of that which once was still predominates and reasons with what the mind perceives as reality.

I sit on the front porch of our B&B inSanta Fe, although the road is busy, in the moments between passing cars birds fill the air with chattering, chirping, trilling and tweets. Trees provide shade and a show of speckling shadows of leaves use broad strokes to wipe and recreate new creations of playful light and shadows.  A breeze moves chimes and melodic tones compliment the birds’ songs as the leaves continue their mesmerizing artistic creations.

Church bells chime in the distance and I am reminded, a call to worship. The church bells toll and believers are beckoned. We too hear those bells and are being called.  


Jesus and a Lone Man.
St. John United Methodist Church, Santa Fe. Stained glass window at back.


Today, we need to be in fellowship with a church family. The memory of what we had is still fresh and the bonds still strong. I know what we encounter will be different. Part of me is sad, a little lost, lonely, hesitant, uncertain; and part of me is feeling free, ready for a new adventure, wanting to be stirred and strengthened in ways that can only be achieved by pursuing the challenge of different paths.


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Richard is the photographer, typically. Lisa is the writer, typically. We've both been know to that allowed?
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