Why do I travel?

While in France with our IMG_0724group tour this summer, over a glass of wine a few of us were talking about why we travel. Some travel to see beautiful and historic places, some travel for the challenge and to prove they can do it, some travel because it is exciting.

Me, why do I travel…it is the sense of ceasing from the ordinary, to stop what is the mundane, the day-to-day routine and break out of the rut. To be out of my element of comfort, to be forced to think, chose, observe, risk the unknown; while all the while being touched by life around me. When I travel, my senses are heightened, I’m a little more afraid, but I’m also a little more aware of being alive. I have deeper, stronger feelings. And I am so much more appreciative of what I have. Then, I challenge myself to try and capture moments that capture my attention, either by writing or through photographs, all the while seeking something — something more — I can’t always explain it, but when traveling the moments I cherish the most is when there is something tugging at my soul.IMG_0505 - Version 2



Que sais-je? What do I know?


About richardandlisa

Richard is the photographer, typically. Lisa is the writer, typically. We've both been know to cross-genre...is that allowed?
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